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Are you working too hard for too little money?

Are your profits too low?

Learn how to price with confidence with the world's leading value pricing tool for the accounting and bookkeeping profession. Get better prices for your accounting services.

Price with confidence

Clients hate not knowing the price up front. But how do you give a fixed price to a client and know you will make a profit?  Cloud Pricing solves that problem.  It gives you a system for giving your client a fixed price based on what they value.  And clients love this approach because they are in control.

Get higher prices

Cloud Pricing uses powerful price psychology helping your client see the value, making your price seem small in comparison and giving them choices so they spend more money with you.

Simple and easy to use

Choose from a library of pre-written pricing templates so you can price the services most important to you (e.g. bookkeeping, tax returns, management reports).  Or build your own templates - you can price any service you want.

"We found Cloud Pricing 2.0 to be the best thing ever. Our clients take it on very positively. All new clients are quoted using Cloud Pricing, all current clients we test the prices with Cloud Pricing and if we see opportunity to negotiate a higher price, we test these clients in a cloud pricing consultation. Mostly we manage to negotiate a better price."

Cobus Goosen, Director at PKF, South Africa

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