Cloud Pricing 2.0 is no longer available

We have now finished the BRAND NEW version of the software.

This new software - called Effective Pricing - has all of the best features of Cloud Pricing 2.0, and much more.  It is much easier to set up, more intuitive to use and has better functionality.

If you are an existing user of Cloud Pricing 2.0, don't worry.  It will still be supported.

Common questions

To find out more about the new version of the software, visit our new website at And if you have any questions about either the new version of the software or Cloud Pricing 2.0, please email Sarah Cross ob [email protected]

Master value pricing from the expert

Brought to you by Mark Wickersham, Amazon #1 bestselling author of "Effective Pricing for Accountants."

Mark will show you how to give a value-based fixed price quote based on your client’s exact circumstances, wants and needs.  The process will identify the maximum price the client is willing to pay and therefore maximise your profit.

Lean more about Mark Wickersham here

Involve your client in the pricing process

Cloud Pricing 2.0 is mobile responsive, which means you can use it in front of a client on your laptop, desktop, PC or Mac, your iPad or Android tablet.  All you need is an Internet connection. 

Research shows that involving your client in the pricing process means they will see the value, buy more from you and at higher prices.

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Price any service you want

The software comes with one pricing module which you can use to price any service you want.  So perhaps you want to start pricing bookkeeping work.  Or perhaps tax returns.  You choose.  You can also select from a range of pre-built pricing templates (which you can edit if you choose), or build your own.

For a tiny monthly payment, you can purchase as many further pricing modules as you like enabling you to value price every service you offer.

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Use great questions to uncover scope and value

Creating a pricing template is really easy with the universal question builder.  You decide what questions you want to ask the client to determine the scope of the work, and what options to present, and how they impact on the price.  The client can then build their service to reflect the things they value – they get the service they want and you get a great value-based price.

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Offer your client different packages

Cloud Pricing 2.0 allows full menu pricing allowing you to offer the client up to 4 packages.  This means you can, for example, offer a bronze, silver and gold package.

Don’t want to offer three packages.  No problem.

You can also use the power of a hidden lite option or a high-priced super premium as your anchor.  Or just offer one simple package.  It’s your choice.

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Ouch! That's too expensive

What do you do when your client reacts negatively to your price in this way? 

Cloud Pricing 2.0 allows you to deal with price objections with ease.  You can offer them a different package.  You can change the package.  And you can offer the client a ‘behaviour reward’ - a powerful process for dealing with those situations where the client can’t afford your price so you swap something.

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Produce professional proposals in seconds

With the optional Proposal Builder add-on you can turn your quotes into a professional proposal or engagement letter, send it to your client for digital signature and track the progress of your proposals and projects.

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Fully customisable

You can easily change the prices, the questions you ask the client to determine the price, the services you want to offer and the way the price is expressed. 

You can even change the colours, add your logo, and make the software yours.

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