How to get your copy of Cloud Pricing 2.0

Access to Cloud Pricing 2.0 is by application only.  This is because we want you to get results FAST with your pricing.  To do that we take you through a 4-month support program to help you understand the critical value pricing principles, to get you set up with the software so you are happy with the prices and they work for you, and to get you ready for your first pricing conversation with a client.

It works like this…

Click on the Apply button below to find out more about the training, and if you want to proceed and sign up for the training.  You will then be taken to a Welcome page with a link to book your first one-to-one session and a link to register for the software.


Applying for Cloud Pricing 2.0

Click the Apply button to discover how we help you get the prices you deserve.



(£297 + vat in the UK) PER MONTH

Pay just 4 monthly payments and benefit from....

6 x one to one support calls plus a weekly 'live' group session

Help setting up Cloud Pricing 2.0

Help building your pricing models

Help getting the prices just right


You will also get access to the Cloud Pricing software (usually price at $39/£29 plus VAT per month) at a reduced rate giving you the following benefits:

Produce unlimited quotes, FPAs and proposals for those clients

Full set of features including advanced price psychology and up-selling


Common questions

Are there any hidden costs?

No.  Your investment in Cloud Pricing 2.0 gives you access to every feature of the software.  

You can add pricing modules and users for a small additional subscription at any time within the software.  And any time you like you can add on the free trial of Proposal Builder for up to 10 clients.

How much does it cost to add additional modules?

Cloud Pricing 2.0 allows you to price any accounting service you want.  If you want to add a pricing template to price a second service, each additional template is a monthly subscription of just $4.99 per month (in the UK £3.99 + vat per month).

How much does it cost to add additional users?

Cloud Pricing 2.0 allows you to have separate login details for other members of your team.  If you want to add an additional user your investment is a monthly subscription of just $1.99 per month (in the UK £1.99 + vat per month).

Does it work in my country?

Yes.  Although you buy the software in US$ you can set your country and the currency you want to display your prices in.  Every aspect of the software can be fully customised to suit your country, for example, if you are from the US the proposal date for your fixed price agreements will be in the US date format.

What if I am from a non-English speaking country?

Again, the software is fully customisable, which means you can change the language throughout.

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