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Price Coaching: Going beyond the Cloud Pricing software

This option is for you if you want ongoing one-to-one online coaching to help you master value pricing as well as getting the most out of Cloud Pricing.

Important note:  Although the Intensive Training option is a 4-month commitment, with Price Coaching you can cancel at any time.  It’s the most flexible option.  However, if you cancel within the first 6 months you will also lose access to Cloud Pricing 2.0.

In short you will get:

  • Monthly one-to-one online coaching to help you achieve your pricing goals and build your pricing strategy,
  • Access every two weeks to online group training (all sessions recorded in case you can’t attend live),
  • Access to a support community via Slack where you can ask your questions and share your successes,
  • Monthly small group online sessions exclusive to Price Coaching participants,
  • Customisation of your Cloud Pricing software with your branding,
  • Direct support and video training from your trainer – unlimited access to Jamie via Direct Messaging where you can get your questions answered via Loom video,
  • Access to the Cloud Pricing software free for 12 months,
  • Unlimited additional modules free for 12 months (normally these will cost you $4.99 per month – so if you want to set up 5 additional pricing models this will save you $299.40),
  • Access to our 'Systemising the way you price' video training programme,
  • And as an additional bonus, you will also receive access to our 'A Systems Approach to Value Pricing' video training programme.

To take advantage of this special offer, just click on the payment on the right-hand side appropriate to where you are in the world and complete your payment details.

What others say about the coaching, training and support

“The 3 months I was able to work with Jamie on learning how to properly build and customize templates within Cloud Pricing V2 was priceless!  Jamie not only showed me how to work within the system to get the best results on what I was trying to accomplish, he also brainstormed with me to ask the correct questions. This training was definitely not your normal ‘training’ on how to use the software, the training I received was not like I have ever experienced before.”
Lynn Brannan, Office Manager, Leslie Liondas, CPA, PLLC

Discover how this has changed Steven Mulligan’s life in this short video.


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