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Systemising the way you price

This video training guides you through key strategies for coming up with a value-based fixed price.  It's highly practical and shows you exactly how to involve the client in the pricing process, get better prices and more business.

The content of the training is as follows:

- What does value pricing mean?
- The 3 stages of the value conversation
- The concept of optimal pricing (how to get the best possible price)
- How to assess the scope of a project so you never make a loss
- The importance of creating packages for the client to choose from
- Why giving the client options will get you an even higher price
- If the price is too high, what should you do?
- How to take your pricing to another level with the up-sell
- When should you price services together, and when separately
- Your 7-step framework for menu pricing
- Your introduction to price psychology - how to make your price seem smaller
- How to know your price is the right price
- The real purpose of a proposal and your framework for a great fee proposal
- How to avoid scope creep


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